Friday, April 8, 2011

Kim Ward was Our Guest On April 9th

Dynamic author and Blog Talk Radio host, Kim Ward, was our guest on April 9th. You can listen to the show now.
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Kim is a native to Wisconsin and has lived there her entire life. Not one to be confined to small spaces she traveled the world seeking out adventure and the unknown. From walking on The Great Wall of China, to peering off the top of the Eiffel Tower, to kissing the Blarney Stone in Ireland, this is a woman who craves excitement. Her career as a writer started five years ago when she decided to write books for children.

After completing her first book, she was hooked. From there she turned to romance novels and even tried her hand at thrillers. But it wasn’t until she discovered non –fiction that she found her calling. With her voice found, Kim went on to spend two years working on a non- fiction book about love and finding Mr. Perfect. From there she built her platform as the guru of love and all things romantic. In June of 2009 came the launching of the Chick Gab website. Wildly popular, the Facebook Fan page, Twitter and Blog followed. Over the last year Kim has grown in popularity and her articles on love can be found all over the web. From Ezine, to singles dating sites, to blog talk radio, you can find advice from the "Chick Gab Chick" everywhere.

Kim is also the host of the popular blog radio show, Finding Your Love Now, which airs every Tuesday night at 9pm central time. And this year Kim is touring the country as a presenter for the conference, Dating Mastery. She will be appearing in five states and two countries in 2011 and six states and three countries in 2012.

What’s next for this gifted girl of gab? Well, getting her book published is at the top of the list and from there it’s on to book number two. She plans to help make Dating Mastery a world wide phenomena and to get her reality show she wrote on national television. This girl of gab is growing in popularity and she will soon be scene and heard across the world live and in print. Chick Gab Chick is taking being an author to new levels and her star is on the rise.


  1. I love reading many of the articles on Especially on marriage and sex advice. It's great to get an honest, anything goes advice. Kim makes Chick Gab fun and in so many ways intoxicating. She's always updating the site with something that always has that "WOW" factor. I'm always anticipating and excited what she will post next.

    Love you Kim!


  2. Maybe it wouldn't have taken me so long to find Mr. Right if i knew years ago, what's in your book!
    You go girl!