Friday, February 10, 2012

Rebecca Guevara was Our Guest on February 12th

Rebecca Guevara was our special guest on February 12th. Listen to the Podcast:

Rebecca Guevara, Author

“Oh, dear! Oh, dear! I shall be too late!” the rabbit said in front of Alice before he hurried on in Louis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.
I felt my head for rabbit ears, found none, and realized though my life was well lived with marriage, raising a son and a career, I hadn’t tried what I’d wanted to do since I was ten. Saying there wasn’t time to write was a vacant excuse. The real truth was, I was afraid. Afraid my ideas weren’t good enough, my technical ability at sentence construction awkward, the work too much, on and on.

Blossoms of the Lower Branches by Rebecca Guevara
A Hero’s Journey through Grief
“Part heart-breaking memoir and part soothing comfort for the bereaved....” Blossoms of the Lower Branches has been described as an unusual blend of story and understanding grief as the same timeless journey of mythical heroes, fairy tale orphans and religious leaders.

What others say:
An intimate, metaphor-rich guide for directing grief into a hero’s journey. A balm for those seeking a new way to heal from loss. Kirkus Indie Review

I think it is a beautifully written story. The way you drew upon ancient lore reminded me that the quest through grief is not unique to me, and that it brings its own gifts to those who begin, stripped naked, upon its journey. Helen J, who lost her son.