Friday, July 29, 2011

Jack Batcher was Our Guest on August 7th

Author and Musician, Jack Batcher was our special guest on August 7th. Listen to the Podcast

Jack Batcher is a writer and musician who lives and creates in Islip, NY. Jack has been rock – n – rollin’ on the guitar and on the stage for many years. Although he still plays and teaches guitar he has discovered a new outlet for his creativity. Jack’s second novel Under a Thunder Moon is now available on Under a Thunder Moon is a different direction from his first novel Death of a Pop-star, in that the first novel was more of a comedy and the second novel a horror/ thriller.

Jack Batcher also has three children books available on and they are Burnt Eggs & Scrambled Toast, which is a story and picture book, while Silly Cow! and Silly Halloween! Both are joke and coloring books. Jack also has new books in production Silly Kitty! and Are there Monsters in My Closet? These books are focused towards children as well.

To find out more about Jack Batcher and to get your copy of Under a Thunder Moon and his other books, go to

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ken Lang was Our Guest on July 23rd

Author Ken Lang was our guest on July 23rd. Listen to the Podcast now:

Ken Lang is a 22 year law enforcement veteran from the State of Maryland. He has served the last 15 years as a detective in the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) Section where Sex Crimes, Robbery, and Homicide investigations have become his forte. A decorated officer, Ken has been awarded the William J. Simms Memorial Award, was named 1997 Officer of the Year by the Optimist Club, has been issued three unit citations, a Chief’s Award, and was the recipient of 14 letters of appreciation for outstanding service as recognized by distinguished members of government and civilians alike.

In addition to his current investigative assignment, Ken is also an active Forensic Artist, providing Maryland police agencies with composite sketches, post-mortem and age-enhancement drawings, and skull reconstructions in a variety of ongoing investigations.

It was in March of 2010 when Ken accidentally discovered his writing talents. While volunteering at a story telling conference, Ken met Delaware author and ghostwriter, John Riddle, founder of I Love to Write Day, and the two conversed about ways in which Ken could make income writing online content for law enforcement websites. But when John learned about Ken's vast experience in the Criminal Investigation Division, investigating rapes, robberies, and murders, he encouraged Ken to seriously consider writing true crime books based on those experiences.

By March of the following year, Ken acted on the advise and released his ebook version of Walking Among the Dead; True Stories from a Homicide Detective through Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and Smashwords. Ken is currently working on the two followup books Standing in Deaths Shadow: More True Stories from a Homicide Detective and Death Comes Uninvited: The Last Pages from a Homicide Detective's Notebook.

Ken currently resides in North East, Maryland with his wife, Michele, and three children.