Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Aggie Villanueva was Our Guest on June 17th

Author and Book Coach, Aggie Villanueva was our exciting guest on June 17th. Listen to the Podcast:

Aggie Villanueva , Bestselling, Award-winning Author & Marketing Specialist, owner of Promotion a la Carte author marketing services, My Book Marketing Systems where authors get their mobile app affordably, teaching authors to market their books to become bestsellers.

What some reviewers have said: you can see all of them to date here:
“This book is a little jewel. Aggie Villanueva’s how-to changes your perspective of Amazon from that of an online book store to that of an author publicity machine.”

     Vikram Narayan, CEO BookBuzzr.comRead full Review here.
“I read this book with a Word doc open as well as my Amazon book listings. I took notes on all the things I need to do in order to utilize Aggie’s incredible advice.”

     Phyllis Zimbler Miller, Author/Marketing Consultant.  Read full review at Amazon.
“I’ve been in the kindle ebook publishing game for a number of years now, have learned a lot, but after reading this Kindle book, it made me realize there is still tons of stuff I don’t know – and need to know. At least one revelation about a specific policy of Amazon was rather stunning to me. (That’s right; I was floored!) I also already had a basic understanding about Amazon categories – but Villanueva has obviously been combing through Amazons methods and policies – analyzing everything in critical detail, and what she has discovered is significant and important.” 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jonathan Maxwell was Our Guest on June 10th

Author Jonathan Maxwell was our guest on June 10th. Listen to the Podcast:

Jonathan Maxwell is a Georgia-based writer and public speaker.  He holds a BA in English from Berry College, along with a psychology minor and a paralegal certificate.  Currently, he is completing his MA in English at Jacksonville State University in Alabama.  Maxwell is the author of Murderous Intellectuals:  German Elites and the Nazi SS, which received the 2011 Allbooks Review Editor's Choice Award in the Category of Best Non/fiction Book. 

The work explores why so many well-educated professionals- such as doctors, lawyers, scientists, and the like- willingly joined the Nazi SS, the notorious group that spearheaded the Holocaust.  His latest book is Piltdown Man and Other Hoaxes, a fun, light-hearted work about scientific frauds through history.  Maxwell is the veteran of over 120 radio interviews and over forty speaking engagements.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Dr, David Che was Our Guest On June 3rd

Dr. David Che, author of the tremendous book, 'Total Law Of Attraction', was our guest on June 3rd. Listen to the Podcast: 

Dr. David Che has been studying the law of attraction for more than 20 years. He has successfully applied it in his life, and decided to write a book about it when, during his research, he discovered that other books on the subject, including the bestseller The Secret, greatly oversimplified the law and lacked key pieces of information about it. Using his simplistic approach to teaching the Law of Attraction as a foundation, Dr. Che wrote TOTAL LAW OF ATTRACTION as a practical guidebook so that others can use it to achieve success and obtain what they desire the most in life. Dr. Che has spoken about The Law of Attraction for numerous organizations including NASA employees. He has appeared on many TV programs throughout the country, including The Daily Buzz, NBC-Boston, The Morning Blend, and Fox News Orlando. Dr. Che has a dental practice in Cocoa Beach, where he lives with his wife.