Saturday, January 28, 2012

Adrienne Sainte Eve was Our Guest on January 29th

Author Adrienne Sainte Eve was our divine guest on Sunday, January 29th. Listen to the Podcast:

Author BIO: Adrianne Sainte-Eve was born in Budapest Hungary, and spent her childhood in, Quebec, Regina, Saskatchewan, and Vancouver, B.C. in Canada. She is a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago and Northern Illinois University, and currently lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stephen L. Brayton was Our Guest on January 22nd

Author Stephen L. Brayton was our special guest on January 22nd. Listen to the Podcast:

Bio: Stephen L. Brayton owns and operates Brayton’s Black

Belt Academy in Oskaloosa , Iowa . He is a Fifth Degree

Black Belt and certified instructor in The American

Taekwondo Association.

He began writing as a child; his first short story concerned

a true incident about his reactions to discipline. During high

school, he wrote for the school newspaper and was a

photographer for the yearbook. For a Mass Media class, he

wrote and edited a video project.

In college, he began a personal journal for a writing class;

said journal is ongoing. He was also a reporter for the

college newspaper.

During his early twenties, while working for a Kewanee,

Illinois radio station, he wrote a fantasy based story and a

trilogy for a comic book.

He has written numerous short stories both horror and

mystery. He has also written a paranormal mystery, entitled

Night Shadows, sequels to Nights Shadows and Beta are

in rewrite/revision stages.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bianca Emery was Our Guest on January 15th

Author and visionary playwright, Bianca Emery was our exciting guest on January 15. Listen to the Podcast:

Bianca Emery is the owner & founder of BE Entertainment & Productions. Writing and putting on events has always been her passion. After writing her book, Getting Our Steps In Order: A Transformation From Life's Unpredictability To God's Certainty, she began to write plays. She wanted to find a way to introduce and share her thoughts, visions, and dreams with the world. So that's what prompted her to start BE Entertainment & Productions. As she thought about what she could do in her own career she began to think about how she would like to help other artists and entertainers to gain the exposure that they need so that they can fulfill their dreams as well. Her upcoming plays " Looking in the Wrong Direction & "Journey of a Victorious Woman" will be sure to make you laugh and inspire you from beginning to end. Other plays with the same message and feeling will definitely follow. Bianca Emery is also currently working on a screenplay based on her play "Looking in the Wrong Direction". Bianca has several other ventures in the works and she can not wait to be able to share them all with you.