Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sarah Tate was Our Guest on May 13th

Author Sarah Tate was our exciting guest on May 13th. Listen to the Podcast:
Sarah Tate is an English born mother of three who lives and works in Switzerland.  She is the Author of Web of Lies - My Life with a Narcissist, an autobiographical novel about living with a person with a personality disorder.  Web of Lies takes the reader on an emotional journey, as Sarah describes in great detail how she was wooed by, fell for, and almost had her life destroyed by, a pathological personality.  Dr David Holmes, leading forensic psychologist at the University of Manchester in England, has endorsed the book as being a valuable tool for anybody who may have found themselves involved with a narcissist or psychopath.

Her second book, Renaissance - A Journal of Discovery, charts the progress of Sarah and her children as they escape from the deceit, and carve a new life for themselves alone.  It details the road to recovery from psychological abuse.

Sarah Tate
Web of Lies - My Life with a Narcissist is out now

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