Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sharon Fox was Our Guest on September 17th

Author Sharon Fox was our wonderful guest on September 17th. Listen to the Podcast:


Author Sharon Fox has raised the bar on home cooking in this unique cookbook. "Bringing America back into the Kitchen" is her famous quote as she shares some of her favorite recipes. You will find something for every taste in this book. Whether it's a quiet dinner for two, Sunday Potluck, weekday meals, private parties, or back yard barbeque...every occasion will be covered!

There is no need to be afraid of the kitchen any longer because every recipe in this book is simple and tasty. You will be proud to showcase your culinary skills to your friends and family after making these delicious treats. And if you're already a seasoned cook, then you will certainly enjoy this delightful gem of a book.

This is the first of several cookbooks to come, so to introduce the world to Sharon Fox, she also shares a very personal part of her life between each section. Her experience of childhood abuse and how she overcame the devastating burden of moving forward will inspire you to find your purpose in life. Sharon says "Everyone has something in their life that they can use as an excuse to give up, but I want to encourage them to move forward and strive to be the best person they can be."

The proceeds from this book will go towards establishing her nonprofit organization to help fight Childhood Sexual Abuse and Child Neglect, and to support other organizations that do the same. So get your pots and pans ready and heat up that oven! Comfort Food for the Mind, Body, and Soul is all you need to get started on a whole new journey in your kitchen!

About Author Sharon Fox

Sharon Fox has held a passion for cooking since she was a small child. Learning to raise fresh vegetables, canning, and cooking from scratch has been second nature for over 40 years. Her work record will show that the food industry has been her livelihood since the age of 16. Some of those jobs include: Food Service, Cake Designer, Wedding/Party Planning, Catering, Cooking Instructor, and Private Chef.

After many tribulations like sexual abuse, death of her closest friends, divorce, and disability, Sharon continues to use her faith in God to find strength to encourage herself and inspire others to live their best life. She now adds self-published author and activist to her list of occupations! This amazing woman uses her life's experiences to uplift her readers all over the nation. Creating easy, elegant recipes is her way of getting America back into the kitchen.

Sharon is now continuing to write cookbooks, President of Protect Our Children Foundation, writing for several magazines, and appearing on radio and television shows nationwide. She is also taking her passion to the next level. Sharon will be part of a team of 3 hosts for a new television show that will go into production in October! HEALTHY LIVING will air this Fall.

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