Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kim Ward was Our Guest on August 20th

Author and Blog Talk Radio host, Kim Ward was our enchanting guest on August 20th. Listen to the Podcast:

Dating is like driving cross-country on Route 66 in a red-hot convertible. Every turn has new and exciting possibilities, the scenery is always changing, and there is a certain amount of risk with putting the pedal to the floor.

But oftentimes in this world we look at dating as if driving through a crowded city street with dirt on the windshield clouding the view ahead. There is no fun in being in traffic with no view to boot. It’s merely stressful and unpleasing.

Dating should not be hard; it should be as fun as skydiving from the Empire State Building on warm summer day. Yes, dating can be that fun, and I, the gifted girl of gab, am going to teach you how to have fun as a single by learning how to date with “swagger.”

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