Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stephen Jay Schwartz was Our Guest on June 18th

Author Stephen Jay Schwartz was our guest on June 18th. Listen to the Podcast now:

Los Angeles Times Bestselling Author Stephen Jay Schwartz spent a number of years as the Director of Development for Wolfgang Petersen where he
worked with writers, producers and studio executives to develop screenplays for production. Among the film projects he helped developed are Air Force One, Outbreak and Bicentennial Man.

His two novels, BOULEVARD and BEAT, follow the dysfunctional journey of LAPD Robbery-Homicide detective Hayden Glass as he fights crime and
corruption while struggling with his own sex-addiction.

Stephen has also written for the Discovery Channel and is currently writing his third novel, as well as a 3D zombie film on assignment.

Stephen Jay Schwartz lives in Southern California and can be found at his

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