Friday, May 20, 2011

Barbara Forte Abate was Our Guest on May 22nd

Author Barbara Forte Abate was our divine guest on May 22nd. Listen to the Podcast now:
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BIO: Barbara Forte Abate was born in Millbrook, New York, the middle of five children. After graduating from Millbrook High School, she married young and promptly launched into the joys of family life, in short order becoming the mother of four very fabulous children, and along the way earning a doctorate from the University of Real Life.

Initially having settled in Franklin, New Jersey, she has lived with her family in a wonderful historic home in Chester County, PA, for the past fifteen years.

While increasingly challenged for several years by old house renovations and raising her children, Barbara never considered abandoning her dreams of writing. Most often composing her stories on yellow legal pads while babies napped and supper simmered (and sometimes burned) on the stove; piling up the pages until the time at last arrived to borrow a friend's typewriter and transfer her longhand scribbles onto finished pages.

While that particular milestone transpired some twenty years ago, and the aforementioned first novel has since lived a quietly rejected life in a rarely visited closet, Barbara's passion for writing has continued at a gallop. Her debut novel, "The Secret of Lies" was released on June 30, 2010.

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  1. Thank you, Rob, for a most fabulous chat. I so enjoyed my interview with you and am only sorry that the time flew by so fast. A bonus has been discovering you as an author,as your own collection of novels have me quite intrigued and I look forward to reading your words.